About Us

EZY Asia Pacific Incorporated, established last September 12, 2012 is a corporation duly recognized, existing, and operating under Philippines Laws, licensed to act as distributor of various home appliances in the country. EZY Asia Pacific Incorporated is also subsidiary partner of Linton Incorporated, a mother company which was established October 1954 and is included on the list of Philippines’ TOP 1000 companies. The company engages in steel manufacturing, construction, real estate, bonded warehousing, home appliances (EZY ASIA PACIFIC INC). The Company offers a wide array of Audio-Video Product from 32” – 50” inches LED TV, Smart Internet TV and personal size refrigerator ranging from 3.2and 3.4 cubic feet that fits the customer satisfactions. EZY Asia Pacific Incorporated has outlets scattered across the country on various appliance stores such as SM Appliance Center, Hypermarket, Royal Duty Free Shops Subic, Savers, Gaisano Mall, Microstation Computer, Tricom Dynamics Inc, Enigma Technologies Inc., for South Luzon Willy and Son’s, RRS Mktg., Bodega Homes, Cellcom World Communication, Rosepetal Commercial, Dimdi, Metroplaza and ICenter EZY Asia Pacific Incorporated has its own in-house technician to facilitate the repair of the units as well as various service centers to serve the customers better.